Preheat your BBQ, oven, or smoker to your desired temperature. Optionally, you can place one of your probes in your BBQ or smoker and set an alarm to make sure that your temperature stays constant.

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Place probe

Place your probe inside the food you want to monitor. Optionally, you can also place the other probe inside your BBQ or smoker to make sure that your temperature stays constant.

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Connect to Meatsitter

Connect to Meatsitter by turning on your phone’s Bluetooth, going to the menu on the Meatsitter app on your phone and tapping on Connect to Meatsitter.

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Extend range

You can use a second phone to extend the range of your Meatsitter once the second phone installs the Meatsitter app. Then use the Meatsitter Wi-Fi Direct feature to connect the two phones. Once you do this, you can go as far as 100 yards away from your food and still be able to monitor it.

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Receive notification

Receive audio, vibration, pop-up, or banner notifications when your food is ready. The device will also blink red when it’s ready.

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Over the air update of Meatsitter firmware. Low alarm to flip your steak or move your food. High alarm to let you know when your food is ready. Periodic timer for recurring tasks such as basting or adding more wood. One cooking timer. Voice notification for temperature alarm or when Meatsitter battery level is low. Wifi direct to extend range, plots, logging and more to come!


  • In the Box

    Meatsitter device

  • Power

    Mini USB 2.0 to USB 2.0 type A cable to connect to 5V power adapter or unlimited cooking time or 2AA battery.

  • Probe

    *When part of the order. A $69 value premim food-safe probe Cooper-Atkins 50360-K Type K Oven Needle Thermocouple Probe with Stainless Steel Overbraid Cable

  • Phone OS

    min iOS 8 or Android 6.0

  • Recommended devices

    iPhone 6 or greater, Samsung GS6 or greater, Samsung Note 5 or greater, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Pixel 2

  • Connectivity

    WiFi b/g/n Bluetooth 4.X LE

  • Grill

    Big Green Egg, Weber, Kamado, most ovens, Gas Barbecues, Tandoori grill, Dutch oven on the stove

  • Food

    Beef, Fish, Poultry and more

  • Other


  • Dimensions

    Metric: 81 mm W 32 mm H 141 mm deep
    Inches:3.2 inches wide, 1.25 inches high, 5.5 inches deep

  • Finish

    flame-resistant ABS UL94V-0
    Operating temperature: -10°C ~ +60°C

  • Autonomy

    14 days 24/7 of cooking time using 2AA battery

  • Cover

    Silicone cover providing not only comfortable and anti-slip grip, but also protection from drop impact

  • Optional Food Probes

    Oven needle

  • Language


  • Starting Price

    99 USD + TAX when applicable or VAT

  • Warranty

    30 days limited warranty

  • Availibility